In-Home Lessons

Lessons consist of technical exercises, songs, games, etudes, ear training, and guided improvisation aimed at forming proper technique, facility in musical discourse, and joy and ease in making music in any situation- whatever your chosen instrument may be.
In addition to activities that take place during lessons, students are given listening, study, and practice assignments supplimented by a library of online lessons videos.
These videos comprise the Youtube channel Music Education For All, a Kickstarter funded joint project of Kevin Nortness and Marc Fendel.
Music Education For All currently contains over five hundred free lesson videos. Most of the videos so far are on sax playing and on issues concerning the aspiring improvisor. Ultimately, we plan on including free lesson videos for all instruments.  

Prices and policies (in-home):

  • 45 Minute class: $60
  • Tuition for the month is due at the beginning of each month, and is based on the number of time slots reserved for that month. 
  • Students (and teacher) agree to give at least 24 hours notice before cancellations.





musiced diy logo.jpg       Here is the link to the Music Education For All library of over 500 free online lesson videos.
selmer_paris_banner.jpg     Selmer is an official sponsor of Music Education For All. We both play Selmer instruments. Always have.

imslp-new-t-shirt-logo-800.png     An excellent resource for sheet music on the web.
weinerlogoTransparent.png     Wiener is a great resource for accessories such as reeds and mouthpieces.